Yatin Chawathe

Research Interests
Intel Research Seattle
AT&T Labs Research
Research Interests

Generally, I am interested in large-scale Internet systems, scalable network services, and heterogeneous distributed systems. While I was at Intel, I was working on a couple of problems:

  • Grassroots Wireless
    This project investigates problems and opportunities presented by the widespread deployment of wireless networks. In particular, we are looking at (1) mechanisms to provide seamless and secure roaming across wireless domains in the presence of large numbers of heterogeneous providers; (2) protocols for auto-coordination of access points to minimize interference across nearby networks. This is joint work with David Wetherall (UW) and Brian Noble (UMich).

  • Place Lab
    This project looks at providing (nearly) ubiquitous positioning information based on listening for radio beacons, such as WiFi and GSM, in the user's environment.

Past Research

  • Making Gnutella scale
    This work focuses on leveraging heterogeneity to improve the scalability of "unstructured" P2P systems such as Gnutella.

    Our approach is based on recent studies that show that Internet-wide P2P networks demonstrate large degrees of heterogeneity. We leverage this heterogeneity to adapt the topology of the overlay network in a dynamic fashion so that queries across the network are automatically funnelled toward nodes that have the capacity to handle them. In addition, we introduce active flow control to prevent overloading nodes or links between nodes, and improved search techniques to better utilize network resources than the simplistic flooding techniques currently used by Gnutella.

  • Broadcast Federation
    This work is focused on application-layer Internet broadcasting architectures. It proposes a framework for inter-connecting traditionally non-interoperable broadcast networks such as IP multicast, SSM, and overlay CDNs into a cohesive federation.